We do our best to create an engaging, encouraging, challenging atmosphere every Sunday morning to catalyze great discussion and serious reflection on what it means to be an awakened human being trusting his or her life more and more to the Christ.

But who do we take the conversation further with? Who do we give the right to ask questions of us? Who do we share our ups and downs, hopes and doubts with? With whom do we walk this “walk”? Because, for many of us, it doesn’t work as a solo act for very many days past Sunday.


There are a variety of ways to connect with others outside of Sunday mornings.

* Our youth group meets on Wendsdays 7:00pm regularly,

* We have youth retreats during the year

* We go on the Mission fields together

* We participate in the church services

* We are involved in the community events (making food for the hungry, collecting gifts for the children)