Besides having everyday opportunity to shine the light locally we can serve Globally. Serving Globally is an opportunity to give ourselves totally to our brothers & sisters abroad.

Light the World Church’s desire is that relationships would be at the heart of everything we do with our mission partners. Rather than try to do a little bit in a lot of different places around the world, we strategically choose to fully immerse ourselves relationally and financially in a strategic projects

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We partner with three communities around the world in Rosarito, Mexico, South Sudan & Ukraine. We work with strategic mission partners to come alongside local leaders in both Mexico, South Sudan and Ukraine and empower them to drive the transformation efforts in their own areas.

We give of ourselves relationally and financially to help provide food, improve education and health care, develop micro-enterprise opportunities, equip local churches, support Bible Colleges and Christian Schools and rescue orphans into local christian family environment.

If you’re interested in finding out ways you can serve with us, feel free to contact us with any questions.